Learn Relevant Tech Skills and Gain Experience

Learn Relevant Tech Skills and Gain Experience

When it comes to technology, there are a million different things to learn that can improve your resume. Anything from understanding Salesforce to knowing how to post on WordPress might be useful to your next employer. Utilizing YouTube and learning from countless free videos is a great way to learn new skills and reinforce old ones.

Follow your interests and teach yourself about software and hardware in your free time. You’ll be able to add these skills to your resume once you’re competent at them, and they just might make the difference between getting hired and getting looked over.

A great way to get some hands-on experience is through virtual labs. Practice Labs, an ACI Learning Company, builds, hosts and maintains virtual labs for learners to practice their digital and IT skills within a safe, live-lab environment. This allows you to get experience with real servers without the fear of breaking anything. This can help you gain the experience to feel confident in real-world environments.

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